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Russia: Polina Bogusevich Wins The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017

Russia has won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

This afternoon the fifteenth edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest took place in Tbilisi, Georgia. Sixteen countries took part in the contest, including returning country Portugal, who had been absent from the contest since 2008. It was Russia who came out on top, winning the contest for the second time. Polina Bogusevich won the competition with her song “Wings”.

This was the first time Georgia has hosted any Eurovision event. Helen Kalandadze and Lizi Pop, who represented Georgia in the 2014 contest with “Happy Day” hosted the show. The Virus, who were the Georgian representative in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with “Gabede”, performed during the interval.

The results are as follows:

  1. Russia – 188 points
  2. Georgia – 185 points
  3. Australia – 172 points
  4. Netherlands – 156 points
  5. Belarus – 149 points
  6. Armenia – 148 points
  7. Ukraine – 147 points
  8. Poland – 138 points
  9. Malta – 107 points
  10. Serbia – 92 points
  11. Italy – 86 points
  12. Macedonia – 69 points
  13. Albania – 67 points
  14. Portugal – 54 points
  15. Ireland – 54 points
  16. Cyprus – 45 points

This is the second time Russia has won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Their first victory comes from the Tolmachevy Sisters and their song “Vesenniy Jazz” back in the 2006 contest in Bucharest.

The 2018 edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place in the capital of Belarus, Minsk. The venue has been revealed as being the Minsk Arena, which was also used for the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Belarus was announced as the host country before this year’s contest took place. The Junior Eurovision Steering Group decided to remove a clause in the Rules that gave the winning broadcaster first refusal to host, to ensure the longevity of the Contest and allow more time to prepare the event. This clause was first introduced in 2014. Italy used this clause in 2015 to decline to host the contest that year after their victory in 2014. Bulgaria were then selected as hosts for the 2015 contest. After the removal of said clause, EBU Members were given the opportunity to apply to host Junior Eurovision 2018. From these applications, Belarus was selected.

To date, the following countries will take part in the 2018 contest:

  • Belarus
  • Georgia
  • Portugal

Russia debuted in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 and has participated in the contest every year since. Russia won the contest in 2006 when they were represented by the Tolmachevy Twins with the song “Vesenniy jazz”, who scored a total of 154 points. Russia has never finished outside of the top 10 in their time at the contest, and have finished second twice, fourth four times and fifth once. Last year in Malta Russia finished 4th with a total of 202 points, just 7 points behind third placed Italy.

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