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2 thoughts on “Junior Eurovision Online Voting Platform Crashes”

  1. “Never attribute to conspiracy that which can be explained by ignorance, incompetence or sheer stupidity.”

    If possible, maybe one of your reporters should ask a few pointed questions:

    1 – How many of the ~330,000 votes came in before the show, and how many during the 15 post-performance window?
    1a – Were all countries equally impacted by the voting outage?

    2 – After promoting the plan of world-wide voting, why were areas of the world geo-blocked from viewing the show? (US and Canada for example)
    2a – Why are most of the videos still geo-blocked now, after the show?

    3 – Why was the link to the live feed not on the jesc dot tv landing page at the start of the show, or on the YouTube channel, or the Facebook page?

    There are many other irregularities, but I’ll stop there for now.

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