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5 thoughts on “Online Vote for Junior Eurovision Open to Mass Voter Manipulation”

  1. This new voting system is a major concern. I’m from New Zealand, so it’s delightful to be able to vote for the first time, but I actually would much prefer a more robust voting system, even if it means I can’t vote. I wonder if they might end up discarding the online voting system should it become clear they are unable to filter out cheat votes.

  2. Hopefully this voting system isn’t unfair to other countries. Powerhouses like Armenia, Poland, and Malta shouldn’t be left out next year. Until then, I’m ready to reveal my prediction for Junior Eurovision 2018.

    * Albania
    * Armenia
    * Australia
    * Belarus (of course!!!)
    * Bulgaria
    * France
    * Georgia
    * Ireland
    * Italy
    * Macedonia
    * Malta
    * Netherlands
    * Poland
    * Portugal
    * Russia
    * Serbia
    * Sweden
    * Ukraine

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