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San Marino: First Judge for 2018 Selection Revealed

The first judge for the San Marinese national selection has been revealed today as Austrian singer Zoë Straub. London based company 1in360 who are in control of San Marino’s selection process this year revealed the news this afternoon on their Twitter page.

Zoë has previous Eurovision experience, having previously represented Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm. She placed 13th in the competition with her French language entry “Loin d’ici”.

In addition to the news of the first judge, Zoë herself revealed in the accompanying video the rules for the second wildcard.

It has been revealed that all likes for the artist videos on 1in360’s website will be reset on the 1st of December. Fans will then have 10 days to vote again for their favourite artists before voting closes at 11:59PM on the 11th of December. Once the voting has closed, the artist with the most amount of likes by the fans will win the second wildcard place.

This is the second time that San Marino have had an open call for artists to represent the small nation. The first occurrence being in 2008 for their debut entry when eventually a jury internally selected Miodio as San Marino’s first artist at the Eurovision Song Contest. Between 2011 (when San Marino returned to the contest after a two year break) and 2017, San Marino’s artist has always been internally selected by SMRTV. Although an open call has been used once before, this is the first time that San Marino will be broadcasting their own national selection.

The remaining judges on the panel for San Marino’s selection will be revealed at a later date. More than 600 artists have entered the competition from all over the world. No artists native to San Marino have entered the process.

Over 9 years of participation San Marino has only once qualified for the Eurovision final, when Valentina Monetta represented the country with “Maybe (Forse)” in Copenhagen. She finished in 24th place with 14 points, San Marino’s best result to date. This year Valentina represented her country for the 4th time, this time joined on stage by American singer Jimmie Wilson. The pair’s entry “Spirit of the Night” finished in last place in it’s semi-final in Kyiv, scoring just 1 point.

Source: 1in360

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