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Spain: Costs of 2016 Participation Revealed

RTVE, the Spanish national broadcaster, has revealed the costs of Spain’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. This comes after the broadcaster was forced by the Spanish Supreme Court to reveal their expenses for the 2015 contest, something which was not disclosed in the immediate aftermath of the contest.

The total cost of Spain’s participation in the 2016 contest was revealed to be €445,235.86. Of this, €293,304.21 was spent on the rights to broadcast the two semi-finals and the final, an increase of more than €50,000 from the previous year.

RTVE also wanted to highlight the high number of viewers for the 2016 contest. The contest received a share of 29.8% and 4,292,000 viewers. A total of 13,554,000 spectators, 30.4% of the population, watched the contest at some point during the night and it was the highest rated programmes on Spanish television in May 2016.

Barei, the Spanish representative in 2016, spoke with the media after the contest and was criticised for not improving on her predecessors’ efforts. She placed a lowly 22nd with “Say Yay!” , resulting in another poor result for Spain. “It is clear that it is not a good placing for what I wanted to give you, I have always said that the responsibility was going to be mine”, lamented the artist at the end of the contest. “I want to apologize to Spain because I know it is important, we need to improve a little bit for our next representative,” she added.

RTVE has recently published information regarding the costs of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, when Edurne participated in Vienna, due to a recent ruling by the Spanish Supreme Court in accordance with Law 19/2013, of transparency, access to public information and good governance. For the 2015 contest, the broadcast of the two semifinals, the final and all the costs of the delegation amounted to 396,918.47 euros.
Regarding the most recent contest, the full costs have yet to be revealed, but the president of RTVE, José Antonio Sánchez, confirmed that the broadcaster allocated a total of €43,350 for all costs relating to Manel Navarro and his team.

Source: Vanitatis

Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest

Spain debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1961 and has competed annually since. Spain has won the contest on two occasions the first being in 1968 and the second time in 1969. 1969 is the only year where more than one song has won the contest, the 1969 contest saw a four-way tie between Spain, France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Since 2000 Spain has only managed to finish in the top.10 on five occasions, the last time being in 2014 with Ruth Lorenzo. However, the country has finished 20th or below on nine occasions, the worst placement being 26th in 2017.

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