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Liechtenstein: 1FLTV Plans Eurovision Debut in 2019

1FLTV the only television broadcast in Liechtenstein, states that they are planning to debut in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019.

In a press release this week, 1FLTV confirmed that preparations are underway for Liechtenstein to make their Eurovision debut in 2019. Peter Kölbel the Head of 1FLTV stated that discussions are underway with the European Broadcasting Union about gaining membership, which would enable the broadcaster to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest.

1FLTV has set the target of debuting in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019 as it would mark 300 years since the formation of the country. In 1719 the Holy Roman Emporer decreed that the counties of Vaduz and Schellenberg be promoted to a principality with the name Liechtenstein, paving the way for the country in its current form today.

Mr Kölbel said that he expected fees for membership to total around 350,000 Swiss Francs (300,000 Euro). Funding for EBU membership would come from Liechtenstein marketing, foundations and the public sector. Negotiations with organisations within the country are set to start next week.

Plans are also underway for a national selection process which would begin in 2018 to select both the singer and the song for the competition in 2019. The contest which for now has been named the “Liechtenstein Music Contest” would be organised by 1FLTV.

Local media however are skeptical as to whether 1FLTV will be able to join the EBU and participate in the contest. Vaterland, one of Liechtenstein’s leading publications raises question marks about whether it is affordable or even realistic.

Liechtenstein alongside the Vatican and Kosovo remain the only international recognised states within Europe to have not taken part in the Eurovision Song Contest. Since 1FLTV was formed in 2008, Eurovision has been a long-term aim for the broadcaster. In 2009 the broadcaster announced it was working towards a debut in 2010, but was unable to secure funding for EBU membership.


9 thoughts on “Liechtenstein: 1FLTV Plans Eurovision Debut in 2019”

      1. I would be surprised honestly as it is a small nation…I just want them in Eurovision for now.It’s what is the most expectable.Maybe in the future though why not!I hope France will come back in jesc as we were supposed too in 2016 :/

  1. I keep my fingers crossed for Liechtenstein to debut in Eurovision since 2008 and now they have an extra 300 years of principality.

  2. Yeeeess!!! I really hope EBU accepts their membership and we will see Liechtenstein in Eurovision 2019!!!

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