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8 thoughts on “FYR Macedonia: EBU to Impose Sanctions on MRT”

  1. I do not think Macedonia will disqualify from Junior Eurovision 2017.
    First of all, remember that this is a competition for children aged 8-14. You can not disqualify a child more specifically at the Eurovision event.
      2: Competition in 29 days from now!
    3: Macedonia has already paid to participate in the competition!
    4: The European Broadcasting Union will hold discussions on whether Macedonia will participate next year or not. Sanctions are not made before the competition!
    Macedonia will participate not to worry.

  2. As long as they can still participate in JESC 2017, I am fine. Otherwise it will be extremely stupid and disappointing because the contest is in 29 days and they have selected their singer and song. Kicking them out of ESC 2018 from now is fine because it’s early and they haven’t selected their singer.

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