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4 thoughts on “Hungary: Eurovision 2018 Participation Uncertain”

  1. Each year has its own suprise – Australia débuting 2015, Romania being disqualified 2016, Russia being excluded 2017… I sure do not hope this year’s surprise will be a surprise withdrawal coming from Hungary! 🙁

  2. Hungary will find a way. They’ve had 3 top-10 finishes in the last 5 years, including their latest…

    …What they ought to do is get rid of the judges at A Dal and the people who decided who sang in what order. They threw Gabi Tóth under the bus by forcing her to sing first despite being one of the biggest favorites, and they tried to prop up contenders who had no support from the televoters (who gave them 5s and 6s on a maximum scale of 10).

  3. In other words, for A Dal they must take the 100% televote route. The X-Factor/Idol method with the judges is not working. They were lucky they sent their 2nd-most-popular contender in Joci, who I also thought had a real shot at winning Eurovision.

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