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Portugal: Festival da Canção Júnior to Select Junior Eurovision Entry

RTP, the Portuguese national broadcaster, has announced that Festival da Canção Júnior will be used again to select the Portuguese entry for this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

TV presenter Jorge Gabriel explained on today’s edition of RTP’s morning show “A Praça”, that five contestants have been chosen for the national final and each of them will be introduced on the show every weekday next week. The five contestants will be introduced in the following order:

Monday, September 25: Filipa Ferreira (11)
Tuesday, September 26: Mariana Venâncio (10)
Wednesday, September 27: Mariana Leite (14)
Thursday, September 28: Duarte Valença (10)
Friday, September 29: Margarida Lima (12)

Festival da Canção Júnior will take place on October 5. The running order for the selection has also been decided:

  1. Filipa Ferreira
  2. Mariana Leite
  3. Margarida Lima
  4. Duarte Valença
  5. Mariana Venâncio

Portugal is returning to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest after an absence of ten years. They previously participated twice, in 2006 and 2007. On both occasions, Festival da Canção Júnior was used to select their entry. Both entries, “Deixa-me sentir” by Pedro Madeira and “Só quero é cantar” by Jorge Leiria, finished second last in their respective years. Portugal withdrew after the 2007 contest, despite high ratings on RTP. They were previously rumoured to be returning to the contest in 2014, but this turned out to be false.


The 15th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest later this year in Tbilisi, Georgia. The contest is to be held at the Tbilisi Sports Palace on November 26. It is the first time that the three-time winners of the contest have hosted Junior Eurovision.

Changes have been made to the rules of this years contest. The amount of a song that can be performed in English has been increased to 40% of the lyrics. While the number of voices on the backing track has been increased from five to six singers.

To date 16 countries have confirmed their participation in Junior Eurovision 2017:

  • Albania
  • Armenia
  • Australia
  • Belarus
  • Cyprus
  • Georgia
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Macedonia
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • Ukraine

Source: RTP

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  1. I hope their entry will be amazing! Who knows, maybe Portugal could be the first country to win both Eurovision and Junior Eurovision in the same year! 😀

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