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Italy: Francesca Michielin to Perform at the Italian Grand Prix

Francesca Michielin will perform the Italian national anthem ahead of the Italian Grand Prix today at the Autodorom Nazionale Monza.

Francesca Michielin will today perform the Italian national anthem, “Il Canto degli Italiani” ahead of the start of the Italian Grand Prix. The singer who represented Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest, will perform in front of a global audience in excess of 20 million viewers. The singer expressed her joy earlier this weekend when she revealed that she would perform the national anthem, commenting that;

 I’m struggling to find words, I feel lucky and incredibly happy!

The singer added that since an early age she has followed the sport on the television and also spent hours playing Formula 1 video games with her brother as a child. Francesca is a large fan of the sport having attended the Austrian Grand Prix earlier this year, meeting a number of drivers including Fernando Alonso.

Francesca Michielin represented Italy at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden with the song “No Degree of Separation”. She finished 16th in the Grand Final scoring a total of 124 points, this included 34 points from the televote and 90 points from the jury vote. Italy’s best marks came in the form of two sets of 12 points from jury in France and Norway.

Source: Francesca Michielin

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