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Liechtenstein: Will Not Debut in Eurovision 2018

Liechtenstein will not debut in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018.

1 FL TV have confirmed that they will not be debuting in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest, reports esctoday. Liechtenstein are keen to participate one day, but as the broadcaster isn’t an active member of the EBU, the small country won’t be debuting any time soon. The broadcaster have ruled out participation due to the cost of participation.

Liechtenstein is a small landlocked principality bordered by Switzerland and Austria. People in Liechtenstein have had the opportunity to watch the contest on Austrian, German or Swiss television, but never through the national broadcaster. In the past, Liechtenstein have attempted to participate in the contest. In 1976, Biggi Bachman and “Little Cowboy” was selected to represent the country for the first time, but since there was no national broadcaster at the time, the country could not then compete.

Liechtenstein, Kosovo and Vatican City remain the only three sovereign states in Europe to have not participated in the Eurovision Song Contest. Not returning to the contest in 2018 are Andorra, Luxembourg, Monaco and Turkey. Many countries are still undecided, such as San Marino and Montenegro, but have until 15th September to submit their applications.


The Eurovision Song Contest 2018 will be held in Lisbon, Portugal on the 8th, 10th and 12th May next year. The venue has been revealed as the MEO Arena, and so far a total of 31 entries have confirmed their participation. This includes returning country Russia, who withdrew from the 2017 edition of the contest after their entrant Yulia Samoylova was banned from entering host city Ukraine. Australia are also participating for the fourth year since their debut in 2015.

The deadline for broadcasters to submit their applications is mid-September. We expect a full list of participating countries will be announced by the EBU in the upcoming months.

Source: ESCToday

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