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RTS, the Serbian national broadcaster, has begun an open submission to find their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon.

After two years of complete internal selections, RTS has opened up their selection to the public. The selection committee will assess the submissions based solely on their artistic quality and with no idea as to who the artist is. They will then shortlist up to 10 songs. However, if none of the submission fulfil the required standard, RTS has the right to independently chose a song for Lisbon.

Once the shortlist has been completed, the chosen songs will be performed on RTS shows. It will then be up to a jury made up of music professionals to decide which song will represent Serbia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Entries must be submitted before October 20.

Some other important rules of the submission process are:

  • Foreign and domestic authors can participate in the competition;
  • The selected performer must be a citizen of the Republic of Serbia
  • The lyrics must be in one of the official languages ​​of the Republic of Serbia (Serbian, Hungarian, Slovak, Croatian, Rusyn or Albanian)
  • The authors should submit the finished version of their composition, play back, and a master version lasting no longer than three minutes with a notary record and biography of the performer who will perform the composition in the competition, and three copies of the lyrics. RTS may suggest to the authors of certain changes and additions to the composition and eventual change of the performer

Source: ESC Serbia

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Serbia have competed as an independent nation in the Eurovision Song Contest since 2007, and have seen great success in the competition. Their first entry in 2007, Marija Šerifović’S “Molitva”, won the contest in Helsinki with 268 points, making Serbia’s debut one of the most successful in Eurovision history. From then up to their year’s break in 2014, Serbia finished in the top 10 a further two times, including a 3rd place finish in 2012 with Željko Joksimović’s “Nije ljubav stvar”. They have only failed to qualify for the final on three occasions, the most recent being in 2017 when Tijana Bogićević’s entry “In Too Deep” finished in 11th place in it’s semi-final in Kyiv.

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