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Eurovision 2017 Branding Wins Red Dot Design Prize

It was announced recently that Banda are to be awarded a Red Dot Design Prize for their work in designing the branding for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Pavel Vrzhesch, the head of the Banda Agency had this to say about the award:

When we embarked on the branding of Eurovision, alongside Republique, our main goal was to show that we can not be worse than the rest of Europe. What we had to do was make a radical improvement on everything that had been done before. ” According to him, this is the first time that branding for the Eurovision Song Contest has received such a high award in the field of design – the Red Dot: Best of the Best Award. The visuals created for the Eurovision also received high levels of feedback and praise from other Ukrainian design specialists.

The Red Dot Awards seeks to recognise excellence in product design, design concept and communication design and is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The Red Dot: Best of the Best Award is one of the communication design awards and is given to projects of high design quality. This year’s recipients will be honoured at a ceremony on October 26 in Berlin, where one project will win the Red Dot: Grand Prix Award.

Banda and Republique joined forces to work on the branding for this year’s contest. This year’s theme, ‘Celebrate Diversity’, was visualised through the creation of a piece that is connected to both Ukrainian culture and history. The identity was inspired by the shape of ‘Namysto’, a traditional Ukrainian necklace made of stylised beads. It is recognised in Ukrainian culture as a protective amulet and “symbol of beauty and health”.

This is not the first time that Banda have been recognised by the Red Dot Awards. They were also awarded for their work on the rebranding of the Expocentre of Ukraine in Kyiv.

Source:, Red Dot Awards

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