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12 thoughts on “JESC’17: 16 Countries To Participate in Junior Eurovision 2017”

  1. Welcome back Portugal! I knew you would return!
    It’s a shame Bulgaria and Israel will withdraw! I hope they won’t withdraw from Eurovision 2018 as well!

  2. why reveal so early, the last years we knew who participated at the end of september? Its great to see Portugal return, but i think Bulgaria and mabye Croatia would have been participating aswell if they had more time. Hopefully Bulgaria gets a chance to retun.

    1. I agree
      Croatia didn’t confirm withdrawing. :*(
      If we just had more time like in past years I am sure we will confirm.
      Now only 16 countries are participating and this is so early and sudden and if we had more time I am sure that more countries will confirm.

  3. Bulgaria better not withdraw from Eurovision 2018! They’ve been my favorite Eurovision country in both 2016 and 2017. I’m glad to see Portugal return though!! It’d be so cool if they won! 😀

  4. Bulgaria maybe! But don’ t you know Israel have changed their broadcaster, and therefore their participation in Junior Eurovision seems far away;

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