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7 thoughts on “Poland: Junior Eurovision Participation Confirmed”

    1. I know, it’s amazing! However, I’m still waiting for Bulgaria to (s)elect a new leader for BNT. Once BNT has a new leader, I have 100% hope Bulgaria will start their Junior Eurovision search later this month! 😉

  1. WTF?? Oh, well. I’m still waiting for Germany’s debut, Czech Republic’s debut, and Portugal’s return. I am also waiting for Bulgaria and Cyprus.

  2. Nice to see Poland, would be great if Cyprus, Bulgaria, Croatia and Portugal confirmed participation as well. If so we’ll se 18 countries in Tbilisi! 😀

      1. I know that’d be fantastic! And there is also room for some surprises, I wouldn’t rule out neither Portugal nor Greece. Who knows – we might be seeing even 20 countries in Tbilisi this November! 😀

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