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Eurovision Choir of the Year 2017 Running Order Revealed

The running order for the final of Eurovision Choir of the Year 2017 in Riga, Latvia has been revealed by the European Broadcasting Union.

The running order for the final of the first edition of Eurovision Choir of the Year has been revealed. The contest which will see nine choirs from across Europe competing will be opened by Estonia, who are represented by the Estonian TV Girl’s Choir and closed by the host nation of Latvia, who are represented by Spīgo. The running order was decided in advance of the contest by the shows producers.

The running order is as follows:

  1. Estonia – Estonian TV Girls’ Choir – “Absolute Tormis”
  2. Denmark – Academic Choir of Aarhus – “I Seraillets Have” / “Wiigen-Lied”
  3. Belgium – Les Pastoureaux – “Dans la troupe” / “Ensemble”
  4. Germany – Jazzchor Freiburg – “African Call” / “Palettes”
  5. Slovenia – Carmen Manet – “Ta na Solbici” / “Adrca”
  6. Hungary – Bela Bartok Male Choir – “Karádi nóták”
  7. Wales – Côr Merched Sir Gâr – “O, Mountain, O” / “Traditional Welsh Lullaby” / “Wade in the Water”
  8. Austria – Hardchor Linz – “Ave Maria” / “I tua wos i wü” / “Rah”
  9. Latvia – Spīgo – “Grezna saule debesīs” / “Es čigāna meita biju”

Each performance will be introduced by a forty-second postcard showcasing the choir and the country they are representing. Each choir will then perform for six minutes. The performance can include one or several works, of any genre, and “should in part reflect national or regional character in some way”. Of the competing choirs only Estonia and Hungary have opted to perform one piece, while Wales and Austria’s performances will contain three different works.

The winner will be decided by a three member jury, on the jury are; Elīna Garanča (Latvia – Mezzo-Soprano), John Rutter (United Kingdom – Composer) and Nicolas Fink (Switzerland – Conductor). The judges will have a period of five minutes after Latvia has performed to select their winner before the announcement is made.

Source: Euroradio

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