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Turkey: Otilla and Sinan Akçıl to Team Up for Eurovision?

Turkish songwriter Sinan Akçıl has stated his readiness to represent Turkey with Romanian singer Otilla in the Eurovision Song Contest, should they choose to return to the contest.

In a recent interview with Michael Kuyuncu on CRI Türk FM, Sinan Akçıl was asked whether he would be willing to represent Turkey alongside Romanian Otilla, to which he replied “Why not?”. Otilla, who is currently recording new music, has said that she would also agree to the proposition. Akçıl further elaborated on the matter: “Otilia will be the first to enter Eurovision. The curiosity of Michael Kuyucu and fans of Eurovision will eventually lead us to Eurovision. Now the general manager of TRT is changing, let’s see what happens with the new general director.” Ibrahim Eren was recently elected as the new general director of TRT and is thought to have a much more international outlook than his predecessors, raising Turkish Eurovision fans hopes of a return. He stated on Twitter:

“TRT will continue its goal of being active in Turkey and in the world with its production and publications based on national culture.”

Sertab Erener, who gave Turkey their first and so far only Eurovision win in 2003, added to the rumour mill. During an Instagram Live session, she was asked “How do you feel about being the first Turkish woman who won Eurovision?” She replied:

“What can I say..I’m very happy,” she says. “I think TRT will start participating again next year at the Eurovision — I mean we as a country will participate. And that’s what I’m telling you from here. I hope the one who represents us will win the contest.”

“But on the other side I hope it will not happen so I can stay the first person to win the Eurovision for Turkey. And of course this Eurovision time is very stressful. I do not know who will represent us but I wish them luck, patience. It is very important to have a nice song.”

TRT have not yet commented on Erener’s statement.

Source: CRI Türk, Instagram

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Turkey first participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1975. During the 20th century, Turkey only managed to place in the top 10 on two occasions, ninth in 1986 and third in 1997. Turkey won in 2003 with “Every Way That I Can”, their first ever entry completely in English. They went on to achieve six top 10 results in the following years. They withdrew in 2013, citing dissatisfaction with the rules of the contest.

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  1. Each year we have the same rumour.Until i see a singer on the eurovision stage with “Turkey” write on the bottom left hand corner of the screen i’ll never believed it

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