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7 thoughts on “Junior Eurovision’17: Tender Process Launched For Postcard Filming”

  1. i really like the fact they say between 12 and 18 counties participate. I mean 12 is the minimum and 18 is the maximum i could have told you that.

  2. @ Floris
    Well, if all of last year’s 17 participating countries would confirm for this year again and then let’s say Germany AND France would want to participate too (even though I doubt that) – what do you think will happen? Would the EBU refuse either Germany or France to take part? I don’t think so, I am pretty sure then they would allow also 19 countries to participate!

    1. I doubt that all 17 countrys participate, Israël Will probably have to widrawn. THE only countries i See return are san Marino and Croatia which makes 18 partipating countriies

        1. Those countries arepossible returning countriesfor years and are unlikely to return. but lets first see how the other countries if they are going to participate.

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  • Gefeliciteerd @itsduncanlaurence! We'll see you in the Netherlands next year! #eurovision #daretodream 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱
  • It's pretty clear who Tel Aviv is supporting tonight. But who do you want to win? #eurovision #daretodream
  • Some pictures from the Official Orange Carpet After Party at Euroclub. Not only did some of this year's participants perform, there were also appearances from the Golden Boy @nadavguedj (Israel 2015) and Ilanit, the very first Israeli Eurovision participant in 1973! #eurovision #daretodream #euroclub
  • We were only going to do one post about the Opening Ceremeony, but in the end, we didn't! #eurovision #daretodream #openingceremony #habimasquare
  • The Eurovision 2019 Opening Ceremony was held last night in Habima Square. We were there to capture some shots of the 41 delegations walking the Orange Carpet! #eurovision #daretodream #openingceremony #habimasquare
  • Euroclub 2019 opened its doors last night in Hangar 11 in Tel Aviv and the theme of the night was Nordic Night. Not only did we have performances from this year's Nordic participants, but we also had @kristasiegfrids (Finland 2013) and @laperrelli (Sweden 1999 and 2018), both of whom are commentators for their countries this year! 🇪🇪🇩🇰🇳🇴🇮🇸🇸🇪🇫🇮 #eurovision #daretodream #euroclub #telaviv

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