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Russia: Channel One Reprimanded By European Broadcasting Union

Channel One has been reprimanded by the European Broadcasting Union for not broadcasting the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

Channel One, the broadcaster in charge of Russian participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 has received a reprimand from the European Broadcasting Union. The Reference Group for the competition has ruled that Channel One should be reprimanded for not attending the Heads of Delegation Meeting and failing to broadcast this years contest in Kyiv, Ukraine.

In a statement the European Broadcasting Union said,

Reference Group believes that the competition rules violations were committed due to the fact that the Russian singer was not allowed access to the competition in Ukraine.

It was announced this morning that the EBU had decided to impose a fine on UA:PBC for the delays in the organisation of this years contest and a lack of co-operation with the EBU over the participation of the Russian artist in the contest. In a statement the European Broadcasting Union added,

As a result of this, attention was drawn away from the competition and the brand reputation of the Eurovision Song Contest was endangered.

The size of the fine that the Ukrainian national broadcaster will have to pay has not been disclosed.

Following the initial banning of the EBU responded the following day by suggesting that Yulia could perform remotely in Moscow. The proposal was rejected by Channel One who stated they did not want the rules changed for them, while Ukraine insisted that the proposal would reject existing rules.

The Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest went on to propose that Ukraine only enforce the ban after the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 has been held in May. Mr Sand’s comments have been followed by statements of disappointment and anger from EBU members at the way the competition is being used for political means by both Ukraine and Russia. Russia was removed from competing in Eurovision 2017 on April 13, after Channel One announced they wouldn’t broadcast the contest.

Channel One and Russia-1 have stated that Yulia Samoilova will represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

Dr Frank Dieter Freiling the Head of the Reference Group added that he hopes to see both Ukraine and Russia compete at the next contest in Portugal. With the Eurovision Song Contest intended as a way of uniting audiences.

Source: TASS

4 thoughts on “Russia: Channel One Reprimanded By European Broadcasting Union”

  1. If I were in charge I wouldn’t reprimand Russia since UA:PBC and their actions forced Channel 1 to withdraw. Anyway I’m happy that the EBU gave the Ukrainian broadcaster a large fine.

  2. The person above me is a biased Russian Nationalist who apparently forgot that Russia deliberately chose their artist to cause a conflict in Ukraine.

      1. Dear Cassidy, there is no need to perform personal attacks just because you don’t agree with me. I’m neither biased, nor Russian. I’m from Sweden and I have every right to express my opinion regarding this issue. We need to be able to carry out discussions at appropriate levels without attacking each other, please.

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