RTP the Portuguese national broadcaster has confirmed that Lisbon will host the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

RTP has confirmed this afternoon that Lisbon the Portuguse capital will be the host city for the 63rd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, taking over from Kyiv, Ukraine. The first meetings regarding the hosting of next years contest have been held today with RTP management one day after the delegation returned from Ukraine.

The Portuguese national broadcaster has been given a booklet of information from the European Broadcasting Union, regarding the basic criteria of what is required for hosting the contest. The European Broadcasting Union according to the Director General has already suggested that the Meo Arena in Lisbon be used as the venue for the competition.

MEO Arena – Key Facts & Figures

  • Completed in 1998 as the pavilion for EXPO’98
  • Has a capacity of 20,000
  • It is the joint third largest indoor arena in Europe and the largest in Portugal
  • The venue has played host to finals of a number of World & European sporting championships

According to Mr Silvia the budget that RTP is expecting for next years contest is around 30 Million Euro based on the cost of recent contests. If RTP had to pay for hosting the contest without the support of commercial sponsorship, participation fees and local Government, then the budget would take 16.33% of the broadcasters annual budget.

RTP will however as with many recent host broadcasters be looking to partner with commercial brands and other organisations in spreading the costs of hosting. The Director General is hopeful that the contest can draw the interest of commercial sponsorship.

The following countries have either confirmed or showed an interest:

  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Cyprus
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Lithuania
  • Portugal – Host nation
  • Russia
  • Spain

To date Andorra is the only country to have ruled themselves out from participating in next years contest.

Source: RTP, Eurovoix