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ESC’17: The Winners Press Conference – Portugal Salvador Sobral

Find out all of the information from the Winners Press Conference from the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Portugal has won the competition represented by Salvador Sobral and the song “Amar Pelos Dois”.


01:05 CET // Press conference will begin shortly.

01:23 CET // The press conference has now begun.

01:24 CET // I didn’t understand the votes, they were hard to follow, you have to be a mathematician. Someone from our team told us we won, it was a surprise.

01:25 CET // I will have a summer tour, my life will not chance, you have to continue to do a great job. I am working on a second album.

01:26 CET // I never wrote a song to be played on the radio station. My album came out in 2016, nobody gave a shit, it’s jazz and then after this festival, people got know me and people bought the album, but I’m thankful for that.

01:28 CET // I send out the message about the refugees because I thought it was the biggest issue Europe. It was not a political message, I was forbidden from wearing it. It’s weird, if I have a Adidas sweatshirt is that a commercial message. It was not political, just humanitarian. I’ve said everything I’ve had to say.

01:29 CET // I don’t know if Eurovision changing, I hope this can bring a change to the contest and pop music, this would be a my biggest joy. Music with contents, it has a beautiful musical message and harmony. People just listen to the radio, it’s thrown at you, you have to like it because it’s play 16 times a day. If I can help to bring some change to music, I would be really joyful. Part of this change is happening because of my sister Luisa.

01:33 CET // I’m very thankful to everyone that supported the song, I’ve been getting messages from across the world. It plays an important role when I am on stage singing my piece, it was very nice to feel the love.

01:34 CET // I think the real hero is Ronaldo, it’s amazing, honestly man I just want to live a peaceful life. I don’t think about national hero, if I thought of myself as that it would be a bit weird.

01:35 CET // For a song like this to win is celebrating diversity, it’s about music, all I want to do is do music and sing. People saw this and felt this, I hope for the next editions people can bring some different things and all sorts of music.

01:36 CET // I never cared about the votes, I didn’t want to sing in English, it is a beautiful song in Portuguese.

01:38 CET // Our public channel want to change, they invited the best composers to do something different, they invited my sister who is the best composer in the country. They said you can interpret the song. Before writing the song she chose the singer me. She took so long, she has a baby, I think she did it like the last day possible. The most beautiful song.

01:39 CET (Luisa) // I think it was the simplicity of the song, well many things combined. His interpretation, sometimes I think I could have won with “Happy Birthday”, but also the simplicity of the song was key because it was very different to everything else, when someone sings something simple and to your heart, it works ten times more. This performance I think I could see in his eyes every word, he was feeling everything more, all those things combined made it special.

Jon Ola Sand now joins the panel

01:45 CET // This is the starting point, we close one chapter and we open a new one. My focus will now be on Eurovision Song Contest 2018, as a representative of the EBU we will put all our resources behind a team supporting RTP.

01:47 CET // We will start to talk to you on Monday, I’ve brought a welcome package with essential information.

01:48 CET // I was touched by your performance, I think it was a moment that captured Europe, getting the juries and the public. It was a massive victory for a great song and a great performance.

Jon Ola Sand leaves

01:50 CET // The press conference has now ended, congratulations to Portugal.

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