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4 thoughts on “San Marino: Director General Questions Eurovision 2018 Participation”

  1. Bullshit. Look at Malta, they are a tiny nation and yet they usually do quite well. And you also know why? Because they don’t waste their talent by letting them sing dated Ralph Siegel bullshit. Wake up San Marino!

  2. @vf99: DITTO! I would wager good horse money that Ralph had that song in a dusty vault for years, if not DECADES, before pulling it out of there to give to Valentina and Jimmie.

    Suffer no delusions; this is also (DEFINITELY) Valentina’s last ESC performance. Just as it would be the epitome of stupidity for San Marino to rely on Ralph Siegel, they can’t keep running back to her. They need to find someone young, untested or new, and put her in charge of the selection committee (so long as she recognizes that Siegel can no longer be a part of any of San Marino’s future campaigns).

    Should Anita Simoncini or Michele Perniola wish to try again, they’d better find new songwriters. Either that, or do what the Swiss have done; invite all-comers. The Swiss once had Lenna Kuurmaa and her band Vanilla Ninja from Estonia singing for them, and they finished 8th in 2005.

    San Marino could have done the same THIS year. They could have tried to steal someone who many feel was thrown under the bus at their national contest, like Mirela, Kerli or even LOREEN.

  3. I have to agree with the other two. Now that the ESC 2017 finished, the reasons San Marino does not do well are obvious. The quality of songs is just not good – Valentina has had two good songs with Maybe (Forse is better) and Crisalide. Why then did they choose a tired and dated disco song? They used their best and most popular singer but they did not choose a song that featured all her talents. She can sing jazz, soulful r & b, dramatic ballads. We received a flat dance song with no range and imagination. In terms of San Marino itself, Portugal is not a part of any large suspected voting block. Its song was in Portuguese too – dismissing the accusation that English songs are the only ones which win. San Marino does not need neighbors or an English song to win. It needs QUALITY.

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