A peak audience of 1.102 million viewers watched the first semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Portugal last night.

An average of 893,000 viewers watched last night as Salvador Sobral took Portugal back to their first final since the Eurovision Song Contest 2010. The first semi final was the sixth most watched show of the day in Portugal, but was the most watched show broadcast by RTP 1. Viewing figures peaked at 1.102 million at 21:31 local time.

“Amar Pelos Dois” has become one of the biggest successes on iTunes from last nights semi final. It is currently in the iTunes top 200 in:

  • Portugal – No.1
  • Sweden – No.5
  • Netherlands – No.8
  • Luxembourg – No.16
  • Norway – No.19
  • Denmark – No.22
  • Austria – No.28
  • Spain – No.31
  • Lithuania – No.35
  • Belgium – No.38
  • Switzerland – No.43
  • Ireland – No.48
  • Germany – No.85
  • France – No.122
  • United Kingdom – No.187

Salvador is being named as “one of the great promises of the Portuguese music scene”. Moving from developing as an unknown artist, to an artist thrown into the limelight since competing in Festival da Canção 2017. Since performing in last nights semi final, Portugal is now second favourite to win with the bookies.

RTP will be using two hashtags that it will be using on social media in preparation for the contest: #OperacaoKiev and #Salvadorable. The latter of the two hashtags is playing on a hashtag that first emerged within the Eurovision fan community during the Portuguese selection.

Source: ESC Portugal

Portugal debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1964 represented by António Calvário, the country finished last scoring nul points. To date the best result of Portugal in the contest is 6th place. This 6th place came in 1996 when Lúcia Moniz performed “O meu coração não tem cor” on stage in Oslo, Norway. She scored 92 points receiving 12 points from both Norway and Cyprus. Since their debut in 1964 Portugal has missed a total of five contests, the latest being in 2016.