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Belgium: Blanche Reveals Designer Behind Her Outfit

Blanche has revealed the designer behind the outfit that she will be wearing at the 62nd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, Ukraine.

In an interview with De Redactie the young singer has revealed that she will be supporting Belgian talent at this years contest in the Ukrainian Capital. The outfit that Blanche will be wearing in Kyiv, has been designed by Johanne Riss. Blanche stated that:

We wanted anyway to chose a Belgian fashion designer, because we represent our country as a whole. The design and color you discover only during the Contest. Johanne was very open and wanted to understand the concept and act, and not just do her own thing. I myself helped determine what my dress looks. The end result I find very beautiful, and fits with who I am.

Blanche also revealed a small aspect of her performance in Ukraine. The song will incorporate modern choreography, however the singer admits that dance is not her strong point, adding:

Loïc Nottet can move naturally great, and I really do not

There has a been a large amount of expectation placed on the 17-year-old singer who is one of the favourites to win the contest in Kyiv. Blanche said that the support has given her a great amount of confidence, as well as hope for the contest, knowing that people are already going to vote for her. But regardless she feels pressure and just wants to give it her all.

Source: De Redactie

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Belgium was one of the original seven nations to participate in the first edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1956. To date the country has won the contest only once in 1986. Sandra Kim won the contest with the song “J’aime la vie”, her victory was not without controversy when it emerged that Sandra was just 13 years old, two years younger than the age restriction at the time. In the late 00s Belgium struggled in the contest failing to reach the final annually from 2005 until 2010, when Tom Dice finished 6th in the final with 143 points. Belgium has finished last at the contest six times, including two sets of nul points.

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  1. Dear Blanche, i am a Belgian from the Flemish side of the country. I love your song, it’s really great! I also have doubts about the act though.. I do understand that you cant dance so good, not everybody v-can dance, but that is nothing to wurried about if you have engough convidence there on that stage . Sing your song with passion, right from you heart, that might touch people aswell .. I hope you know what i mean, cause my english is not good enough .. and sorry for not be able to speak french .. Also the setting must be good, but i guess that will be okay cause with Loic Nottet 2 years ago it fit with the song what they did so .. Come girl, show us some power , it have to come from your body, not only from your voice ! Wich is great by the way .. 😉 Go Blance, you can do it ! xxx

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