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2 thoughts on “Cyprus: New Commentary Team Announced For CyBC”

  1. To add, Christiana Artemiou is a well-known actress in Cyprus; she’s charismatic with lots of humour, so as Tasos Tryfonos. The duo have been holding the morning program of Love FM, a very famous program in the morning zone, for 5 years!
    It’s exciting news and I believe they will take over Melina Karageorgiou (also a very good and professional commentator) once and for all!

  2. It was a huge disappointed in the end of the day. They were out of subject many times, they jokes they did were so cold and most often they never gave important information about the songs and the singers. Sas so boring listening to them. I think Melina is the only one who should be there. Were so boring this year without her:(

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