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3 thoughts on “United States: Logo TV To Broadcast Eurovision 2017 Final”

  1. Ugh, I’d rather watch the live feed from Eurovision’s website like I used to be able to in the US (they disabled it last year so you had to go through Logo).

    I’m really glad that Eurovision is spreading out globally, but Carson Kressley pretty much ruined the contest with his poor commentating. I hope this year’s commentators actually have a basic working knowledge of the contest… I’m watching the ESC not an “Americans First Reaction” youtube video.

  2. I must say Logo TV’s coverage of Eurovision this year was a complete 180 in terms of their coverage from 2016. Michelle Visage and Ross Mathews were great choices to be commentators this year. Michelle is a fan of the contest and even though Ross admitted he never watched a full contest before both of them were very insightful for both long term fans and new US viewers watching the contest for the first time. They did have good jokes during the broadcast but overall both of them remained professional. They also kept up with social media via Twitter during the broadcast and if they made a mistake like explaining why the “Big 5” qualified to the grand final when corrected by a fan on Twitter they immediately corrected themselves. I hope if Logo TV broadcasts Eurovision 2018 they get these two back and never have Carson Kressley back.

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