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Staging Secrets Revealed as NTU Release Backstage Footage

Technical Rehearsals are taking place at the International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv, Ukraine this week prior to the arrival of international delegations for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

The technical rehearsals allow producers and international delegations alike to see how each entry will appear on stage, taking into consideration the stage size, position of dancers and backing singers, and the use of props. These rehearsals give broadcasters the chance to alter their staging before arriving in the host country next week.

National Television Ukraine has this week been filming the rehearsals to show the country what’s going on behind the scenes. However, by doing this, they have also released staging details for several countries – many of which have been keeping close guard of their choreography secrets.

One artist who has kept her staging plans close to her chest is Blanche from Belgium, just a matter of weeks ago she refused to discuss the even the smallest of details. Now, however, in NTU’s recent release it’s evident that Blanche will be accompanied by two backing singers in a performance that will be “coherent with the official music video”.

Demy will be joined by two backing dancers on stage, both male, portraying a story of love in keeping with the theme of the song.

Salvador will perform alone on stage just as he did in his winning performance during Festival da Canção earlier this year. The lack of dancers and backing vocalists pushes the focus onto the soloist’s voice and the simplicity of the ballad being performed.

Alone on stage, aided by two hidden backing vocalists, Slavko will be the centre of attention as he performs ‘Space’, the upbeat number being performed by the Montenegrin representative. The choreography, as expected, will be detailed and plentiful.

Finally, Moldova’s returning Sunstroke Project will be joined by three backing vocalists, all on display and heavily involved in the group’s choreography. The performance is expected to resemble the video, taking aspects of the story shown in the clip to the stage. In 2010 when the group first represented the nation, ‘Epic Sax Guy’ (the saxophonist) became an internet sensation after performing his sax-solo whilst doing the ‘running man’. This year, he’ll be repeating the dance as they attempt to gain the support of former fans.

Earlier this week, Iceland mentioned their discontent of staging leaks and videos being released by National Television Ukraine that showcase the intentions of the broadcasters. More releases of footage from the technical rehearsals are expected, prior to the first of the artist rehearsals taking place as of this coming Sunday.

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