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8 thoughts on “Russia: Philip Kirkorov States Russia Should Not Return Until Eurovision Rules Are Changed”

  1. He’s right about the juries’ placement from 1 to 26.
    It should be top 10, not top 26 or 27.
    This is not 50/50 vote and the juries has more power than the televote.

  2. He should stop whining and start writing good songs instead. There’s nothing worse than terrible losers. Besides, the juries were generous by placing him fifth

  3. What is the use of juries, if they don’t account for 50 %?

    However, I agree 5 persons are not many. Should be 10-15 of them. And I also wonder why they actually SEE the performances. They are supposed to vote for the music. Aside from that, I welcome music experts…song writers, singers, DJs, producers, music journalists etc.

    I think they give a good balance. The televoting gives a fair demcratic picture of what kind of music is most popular overal. The “expert” juries a more “professionally” analytical verdic. based on originality of the song, hit potential etc. I think both things are important to give a fair result.

  4. I always thought that jury was introduced as a professional part of voting. So there are votes from warm hearts of Europe citizens and the results from cold minded juries. But last year’s Eurovision has shown that juries don’t vote as professionals. So it seems like jury system just added more politics, corruption and bureaucracy in the contest. I suppose Eurovision should be much more profound and try to develop AI jury system, which will cover all cold minded professionalism and quality of the songs. Moreover, this AI should be open source, so everyone can check how the song is estimated by this program. The only difference, that this AI must be taught on quality of the songs according to the current trends, specifically this year trends in music. In this case it would be very difficult to know, how this system will vote this year.

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