Bulgaria is the latest country to announce that Sacha Jean-Baptiste is working with them on their performance for Eurovision 2017.

Bulgaria is the third country to reveal that Sacha Jean-Baptiste is working with them at this years Eurovision Song Contest. The Swedish choreographer has been brought on board to help with the performance of Kristian Kostov in Kyiv. Sacha Jean-Baptiste is also working with the delegations from Armenia and Georgia on their performances in Ukraine.

Sacha has been very positive about working with the youngest singer in this years contest saying,

I can tell that Kristian is very used to working with his stage presence and have a good understanding of how to create dynamic energy to match the song’s power.

When asked about what most inspires when creating the staging concept, Sacha stated,

The song has clean but also poetic vibe. It’s not only a good and strong pop song, but it’s mesmerising because it gives you that modern feel to it that is now and tomorrow. I like contemporary modern styles in any way, and my work always gravitates towards that.

Finally Sacha Jean-Baptiste wants the viewer at home to focus on,

The clean look and the artist’s eyes. Some of my most celebrated work have been finding that clean, simple energy the artist has and to build a concept around it. I´m sure we´re going to succeed with our entry this year, and I´m really excited to see it in action on stage!

Source: BNT

At the 2016 contest in Stockholm Bulgaria had their best result to date. The country was represented by Poli Genova and the song “If Love Was A Crime”, finishing in 4th place in the final with 307 points. 2016 saw Bulgaria make only their second final in their Eurovision history, the first being in 2007 when Elitsa & Stoyan finished 5th with the song “Water”. Bulgaria debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2005. The country competed annually from 2005 to 2013, before withdrawing for two years due to financial issues.