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Eurojury 2017: The Results From Serbia

After Spain we head to Serbia who debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2007, how has the Serbian jury voted in Eurojury 2017?

Eurojury returns for a fifth edition this year and the votes from this year’s juries across Europe have started to come in. As ever 50% of the vote is being decided by national juries and 50% by you, the public. This creates the most accurate representation of a result likely to be seen in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest this May in Kyiv. Each voting nation is represented by a jury consisting of past Eurovision, Junior Eurovision and national final participants. Each juror is asked to form a top 10 ranking of their favourite competing songs which is combined with the other jurors in their country.

The points from one to eight of each of the national juries will be revealed over the next twelve days. The 10 and 12 points will be revealed in a live broadcast on April 22 from 20:00 CET. These jury results will be announced along with the result of the online public vote, being cast until April 16th via

On the jury for Serbia is:

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[tw-accordion-section title=”Marko Kon”]
Marko Kon represented Serbia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow, Russia. He performed the song “Cipela” which finished 10th in the semi final, but was not saved by the jury

The results of the jury from Serbia are as follows:

  • 1 point to Hungary
  • 2 points to Sweden
  • 3 points to Portugal
  • 4 points to Belgium
  • 5 points to F.Y.R Macedonia
  • 6 points to Israel
  • 7 points to Armenia
  • 8 points to Moldova

The top ten after sixteen countries votes is as follows:

  1. Belgium – 47 points
  2. Australia – 41 points
  3. The Netherlands – 33 points
  4. Austria – 32 points
  5. Bulgaria – 29 points
  6. Italy – 27 points
  7. France – 25 points
  8. Switzerland – 24 points
  9. Portugal – 22 points
  10. Moldova – 23 points

While artists across Europe are casting their votes, you will also be able to make your voice heard via Through April you will be able to vote for the song you want to see win the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 via our online platform. Your vote will be combined with the votes of thousands of fans across the world to form an overall score for each country.

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