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The Head of Delegation for Russia has given his views on the decision for the country to not broadcast this years Eurovision Song Contest.

Yuri Aksyuta, the Head of Delegation for Russia and the Head of Entertainment at Channel One has given his views on the situation which lead up to the channel deciding not to broadcast the contest in Kyiv. Mr Aksyuta who has a nearly 20 year history with the contest has spoken out about the European Broadcasting Union and their response to the banning of Yulia Samoilova.

Mr Aksyuta stated with regards to the EBU’s offer for Yulia to perform remotely that:

For us, this variant is unacceptable, because in my opinion, it’s a complete violation of the rules. A participant should be on the stage, performing their song live in Kiev, not somewhere remote in Moscow or indeed in any other European city. In my opinion, this is simply discrimination against the Russian participant. And naturally, the broadcaster will not take part under these conditions, in any circumstances.

Following both Channel One and the Ukrainian Authorities rejection of the offer, Mr Aksyuta is stating publicly that the EBU proposed for Russia to change their singer for Kyiv. The Head of Delegation felt:

From what I can judge, this would be even worse than asking Yulia to perform via satellite; the reason being is that we spent a long time selecting a singer, and we chose Yulia. For Yulia, this is the dream of a lifetime.

As a response to the two proposals from the European Broadcasting Union, Mr Aksyuta added that:

We will not participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 under these conditions. We will not broadcast the competition either, because in my view, the absence of Russia will hinder the reputation of this contest. More generally, for Russian viewers, this move is an additional cause for not showing interest in the contest.

Channel One reiterated this evening that Yulia Samoilova will be representing Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Yulia according to the broadcaster is disappointed by the decision, but states that she wants to remain an inspiration to people.

Earlier this evening the European Broadcasting Union ruled that Russia cannot compete in this years contest due to Channel One’s decision not to broadcast the contest. The EBU released a statement reading:

Source: Channel One

6 thoughts on “Russia: Absence “Will Hinder The Reputation of This Contest””

  1. The absence of a country that mostly sends ironic peace ballads is supposed to hurt the reputation of Eurovision? I don’t think so. However, I’m happy that Yulia will compete next year. Hopefully with a song that doesn’t sound like a cheap Ralph Siegel rip-off. Until then, Lasha Tumbai!

  2. we all will be able to sing “Krany Tumbai” for at least 3 years (hopefully more), wich tastes even sweeter and better.
    So lossing a country who only send protest songs against Russia as motto, as you have well remembered, with the year of grandma trans…, for several years in addition… that would be for sure a lose we wont miss. Krany tumbai forava!

  3. Do ukranians realize that they will have to broadcast julia’s performance in 2018 (having to “eat” their so called and so proud “laws”) or otherwise they will be banned for 2019-2021? And ukranians realize that they have like 500 russian singers on their black list that, per their our idiot laws, cant broadcast on public tv? Russia could ban Ukraine from ESC for 500 years just using to send one of those “black list people”, thanks to the stupid “laws” of the own ukranians XDD.

    It is hilarious.

    So either Ukraine become a democratic country in the next 50-70 years (the years of live of those 500 russian “banned”) where evry person is respected and embraced, even those who you lost a war to, or they can start sayng Krany tumbai to eurovision for a looooong period.

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