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ESC’17: UA:PBC Board Urges EBU To Respect Ukraine’s Sovereignty

The board of UA:PBC the Ukrainian national broadcaster has called on the EBU to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and not to ignore Ukraine’s interests.

The Ukrainian national broadcaster has responded to the letter sent by the Director General of the EBU to the Prime Minister of Ukraine with regards to the banning of Yulia Samoilova. Yulia who is due to represent Russia at this years contest in Kyiv, has been banned from entering Ukraine for three years for her illegal entry into Crimea.

The letter sent by the board of UA:PBC sets out the following points:

  1. Ukraine in the name of of JSC “NSTU” (earlier – NTU, NRCU) is a long-term member of the European Broadcasting Union, law-abiding and active participant of “Eurovision”. Twice singers from our country became winners, receiving honor to hold the competition at home. Also we stress that the Ukrainian participants of “Eurovision” always respect the laws and regulations of the host countries.
  2. Visiting Crimea without Ukrainian government, Yulia Samoilova violated the sovereignty and laws of Ukraine. Besides Russia, no other country where public broadcasters belonging to the European Broadcasting Union has no reason to challenge this action qualifications Yulia Samoilova, since no European country does not recognize affiliation Crimea Russia.
  3. We fully share the negative sense of the members of the European Broadcasting Union over the fact that “this year’s competition as a means used in the current confrontation between the Russian Federation and Ukraine.” However, we are surprised by the fact that “grief” and other words have been used on this occasion by the Director General of the European Broadcasting Union at the Ukrainian side, not the Russian. This greatly contradicts the statements of Ms Ingrid Deltenre “apolitical” “Eurovision” because Mrs. Deltenre actually stick to the side of the Russian Federation arranged by Russia’s political provocations. The demand to cancel the decision of the Security Service of Ukraine, adopted within its legal authority as the thesis of coordination decisions of the Security Service of Ukraine with the European Broadcasting Union, could be regarded as interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine, which goes beyond the powers of the EBU and objectives of the “Eurovision”.
  4. JSC “NSTU” is a member of the European Broadcasting Union and fully shares the fundamental values ​​of a democratic Europe, public service and public broadcasting. But it is coming from these values, JSC “NSTU” the situation under discussion can not ignore the interests of the Ukrainian society, or withdraw from the Ukrainian state, and when protecting its territorial integrity. Conversely, threats to punish JSC “NSTU” for the actions of the Ukrainian state associated with the response to the violation of its laws, we consider contrary to basic democratic values ​​and position of the European Union and the international community in assessing the current Ukrainian-Russian confrontation.
  5. We call on Ms Ingrid Deltenre and the European Broadcasting Union to respect the sovereignty of Ukraine, not to turn to the European Broadcasting Union enhancement tool of political manipulation of others and not to interfere with such statements normal and proper conduct of the contest – both this year and in the future . We appeal to avoid threats to exclude Ukraine from among the participants of “Eurovision”.

The initial banning of Yulia Samoilova took place two weeks ago. Discussions remain ongoing between the European Broadcasting Union and the host nation of Ukraine. Over the weekend it emerged that Russia has filmed half of their postcard for this years contest despite Yulia being banned from Ukraine.

Source: UA:PBC


2 thoughts on “ESC’17: UA:PBC Board Urges EBU To Respect Ukraine’s Sovereignty”

  1. Very good and calm reaction Ukraine! 😀 The letter is not agressive as the one from the EBU. Ukraine is completely right: The EBU doesn’t stand above the Ukrainian law.

  2. The main reason should be the security of the whole event !
    In my opinion this is an argument which is acceptable !
    It doesn’t need another argument !
    It’s necessary to decide that Russia shouldn’t perform on stage in Kiev on this event.

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