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14 thoughts on “ESC’17: EBU Director General – This Behavior of Ukraine is Absolutely Unacceptable”

  1. It seems that Mrs Deltenre mixes up some things here. The only one who clearly abuses the ESC for political action is undoubtely Russia by nominating a singer, who violated Ukrainian law, just to provoke the host nation. That move was rather obvious and I fully support the Ukrainian reaction. They have the right on there side! By the way, I am neither Russian nor Ukranian, so I can say this as an “outsider”!

    1. I totally agree with you! The reaction the EBU and some broadcasters gave are exactly what Russia wants to reach.

      Finally someone who sees that it isn’t Ukraine’s mistake 🙂

    2. According to the rules of Eurovision, the broadcasting country should provide all participants “the opportunity to obtain an entry visa for the entire period of the event.” Thus, Yulia Samoilova’s refusal to enter the territory of Ukraine violates the rules of the Contest.

    3. The EBU in no way calls to disrespect the Ukrainian law that was a reason for Samoylova’s ban. The only thing they suggest is to allow Yulia to participate ESC this May and for that reason to postpone her ban until after the contest. Yulia violated the Ukrainian restrictions to enter the Crimean Peninsula in July, 2015 but she was barred from entering Ukraine only in March, 2017! Millions of Russian people have visited Crimea since 2015 as a part of Russia, totally ignoring the above restrictions. How many of them were banned for Ukrainian law violation? So WHO is the provocator in this case?
      Mrs Deltenre’s position has my full support.

      1. Mrs.Deltenre is not above the law. This is intervention in Ukrainian internal affairs. Ukraine notified last Year, that the artists who performed in occupied Crimea will be baned. This is not new information like for Russia as for EBU as well. Ukraine deporting many people, who visited Crimea illegally (directly from Russian side). No questions to the people, who is travelling to Crimea officially – from Ukrainian side. Russia have a choice to delegate other singer, who is not violating the law. But Russia don’t want to perform in Eurovision. They are interesting about provocations and Mrs.Delterne supporting him in this. Considering millions visitors to Crimea. I don’t know, how you counted them, but just to let you know, that all of their Summer seasons (since occupiation happenned) were failed due to extrimely lack of people…

  2. Ukraine has already expressed for a long time that persons entering illegally the occupied area of Crimea (see UN declarations, EU position) or Ukraine region of Donbass can be prohibited of entering Ukraine. According to the law of any country in the world, illegal boarder crossing is condemned and leads to deportation or prohibition to come back.
    EBU is not above laws and its director absolutely nor entitled to interfere with national laws and particularly to judge them .
    Is it true that Mrs Deltenre told Blick that “This behavior of Ukraine is absolutely unacceptable”?

  3. I think the law itself is very silly, why Should artists who have performed in Crimea get banned from entering Ukraine just because of That reason? Yulia has not done anything harmful towards nobody, neither towards Ukrainians nor Russians. I agree with the EBU.

    1. @ Schutzebulle:
      I don’t see anything silly in that law. If any neighbour country would invade a part of your home country, maybe even the city where you live, wouldn’t you expect your government to react as well?! By perfoming in Crimea without passing the Ukrainian border Yulia clearly stated the she supports the Russian occupation. She must have been fully aware of that, so this in no minor incident. If the Ukrainian authorities would tolerate that, then in the end they would accept the Russian invasion and the loss of part of their country. In my eyes this is totally unacceptable. So if the EBU needs to ban anybody from the contest, then it has to be defenitely Russia for it’s political games and provocation.

      1. Yulia must not support Russia, if so why would she even travel to a Ukrainian region? Yes, she entered Crimea without permission from the Ukrainian government – but her only purpose was to perform for the people in Crimea, not to harm anybody. Yes, entering a region without permission from its motherland is not okay, and I understand the actions of the Ukrainian government. The main problem I see, though, is that this ban comes a month and a half before Eurovision, where we’re supposed to “Celebrate Diversity”. I suggest that the government should not ban Yulia, until after the Eurovision Song Contest.
        And no, I do not agree that Russia deserves a ban from the contest. Last year, Ukraine sent a political song (and won). The EBU should ban (should’ve banned already) Ukraine from the contest.

        1. To Schultzebulle:
          Taking into account that trespassing the law of Ukraine by entering Crimea resulted in immediate response from Ukrainian side in a form of enlisting Yulia as ‘persona non grata’ I do not see any problem that later on ukrainian officials banned her from entering Ukraine during Eurovision as well.
          AFAI see, Ukrainian authorities only reapproved that Yulia cannot enter Ukraine at all. Even during the celebration of diversity. She’d be caught at the very border crossing, detained and sent back and being a member of diverse universe doesn’t change the laws in action.

    2. Dear Mr. Schultzebulle. Would you like to see in your country someone who adores regime which invaded and occupied a part of your Homeland? Seems you’re out of reality:)
      Frau Deltenre should wake up !

        1. My bad. Never said that any person entering Ukraine (Yulia) should “adore a regime”, such as Russia. Read my previous comment. End of discussion.

  4. Dear frau Deltenre, will you consider your friend as a person who climbs into your house without a demand? Are you ready to trust such a person in the future? Will this person be a welcome guest in your home? Do not be hypocritical and ponder.

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