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9 thoughts on “San Marino: Director General Speaks Out About Yulia’s Ban”

  1. Thanks San Marino.I am glad that the state with limited resources still has the humanity to support unity and peace unlike other broadcasters.Hope you achieve a good result in Esc 2017.

  2. I hope other European TV stations, such as SVT and BBC, support San Marino and Russia on this point. Ukraine’s behavior is extremely unnecessary.

  3. San Marino maybe the smallest country in Eurovision but they has biggest courage in Eurovision issues, i.e. televote of small country, Ukraine behavior.

  4. Why San Marino? 🙁 Russia knew they chose an artist who would break the Ukrainian law and now everyone blames Ukraine for a Russian mistake… Ukraine doesn’t ban Russia, they ban Julia. Ukraine said that Russia would be more than welcome, but then with another artist. I think Ukraine has the right to ban Julia. You can’t ignore the law as a country, also not for Eurovision.

    1. Ukraine would have found every little way to ban any Russian singer this year, even if they didn’t visit Crimea. It is Ukraines fault.

  5. Honestly, i think Ukraine would ban any Russian singer and find some reason to make political scandal in a place where there is no room for that. Europe is too easy on Ukraine. This should end, they have no control.

  6. Totallly agree with his statement!

    I find it highly ridiculous that Ukraine tries to deny a solid member of the Eurovision access to the contest.

    Despite of the policital issues, they should not let themselves get carried away in emotions.

    I hope other nations will also speak out to Ukraine on this.

    If Ukraine refuses to allow Russia, either the EBU should remove the contest from Ukraine or other nations should also withdraw.

    I am sorry to sat but given the fact that Ukraine refuses to change their minds, we from the Netherlands should also withdraw in a case when they refuse to allow Russia.

  7. Is a surprise how many russian supporters write comments here. Russia occupied and managed to annex Crimea and Europe hardly did something except words. Obviously Ukraine wasn’t in position to retake Crimea so the only options were to enforce some laws banning those entering the peninsula without its border control. That law was surely known by the russian channel, so even if the artist name wasn’t on it, the option that she was banned was a real possibility. Is a surprise how the EBU and people here can press the weak country, the one that was atacked. Supporting the russian agression is a shame for europeans. I respect the Eurovision Song Contest, is a fantastic show and I have been watching it since 1995 every year. Is true that politics shouldn’t stain a song contest but if Ukraine makes concessions Russia will keep bullying.

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