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6 thoughts on “Russia: Yulia Samoilova Banned From Entering Ukraine”

  1. Here is the ultimate proof showing us that Ukraine is obsessed with politics and can’t keep it away even from Eurovision. Winning with a political song pointed towards Russia last year, and now they ban a Russian artist just because she’s Russian. If any country deserves to be disqualified, it is Ukraine.

    1. They are not banning her “just because she’s Russian” they are banning her because she broke their law. You can’t really expect an entire cou try to forget their laws just because of a contest.

      1. Then, why should Ukraine host the contest? If they do not allow specific singers to enter the country, then maybe another country should host the contest instead. All singers must be able to perform at the Eurovision, no matter if they have visited Crimea (or any other country) or not. There are people living there too, artists shouldn’t get banned from other countries just because they performed in Crimea.

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