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Montenegro: Slavko Kalezic Reveals “Space” For Eurovision 2017

“Space” Montenegro’s entry for the 62nd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, Ukraine has been revealed this evening.

Slavko Kalezić’s “Space” has been premiered this evening, with the official being released on the Eurovision Song Contest YouTube page. Slavko will represent Montenegro at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, Ukraine in May. Slavko will be promoting his entry at a number of Eurovision Preview events including in Madrid and London.

Slavko was announced as the Montenegrin entrant for Eurovision 2017 just before the New Year. Thirty-one year old Kalezić was born in Podgorica, and rose to fame after appearing on the first season of X Factor Adria in 2013. He was mentored by former Eurovision entrant for Serbia and Serbia & Montenegro, Željko Joksimović. He released his debut album two years ago, and is also a talented actor. He studied Drama at the University of Montenegro, and is a member of the Montenegrin National Theatre.

Montenegro for the first time since 2009 held an open submissions process for the Eurovision Song Contest. Interested singers had until November 18 to submit their song to RTCG. Those submitting songs had to be citizens of Montenegro or have permanent residence in the country for at least two years.

Montenegro has internally selected both their singer and the song for the Eurovision Song Contest every year they have participated since 2009. For the past five years Montenegro has not hold an open submissions process, instead opting to internally select their singer for the contest behind closed doors.

Watch the official music video below:

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Montenegro debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest as an independent country in 2007, and participated until 2010 when they withdrew for financial reasons. They returned to the contest in 2012, and since then have always chosen their entry internally. Montenegro failed to qualify for the grand final until 2014, when Sergej Ćetković and his song “Moj svijet”. Their best result came a year later, when Knez performed “Adio” in Vienna. They have never reached the top 10, with Knez reaching 13th out of 27 countries. Their most recent entrant, Highway, reached 13th in their semi-final in 2016 with their song “The Real Thing”.

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  1. Omg, Montenegro, what are you done? This f….ng gay with his awful song will be last place this year, what a shame for Montenegro, boooo.

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