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Ukraine: O.Torvald Plans Performances At Eurovision Preview Events

O.Torvald are planning to attend two Eurovision preview events ahead of representing Ukraine this May at the Eurovision Song Contest.

The group that won last Saturday’s Ukrainian selection have announced plans to attend Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam and the London Eurovision Party in the United Kingdom. This week the group have begun preparations for competing in this years contest, meeting with music experts and members of the delegation to discuss the plans for their stage show.

Eugene Galich the front man of the band stated at the press conference earlier this week that:

We need to work on the vocals, in English, to do a lot of rehearsals. Thanks to STB, which did not leave us alone with the problems and helped us. I would also like to remind viewers that we are ordinary guys, we never had producers, we have never participated in various talent shows. We have much to learn to be as prepared for competition.

The results of the Ukrainian selection final last Saturday were as follows:

  1. O. Torvald – “Time” (Jury 5 points + Televote 5 points) = 10 points
  2. Tayanna – “I Love You” (Jury 6 points + Televote 4 points) = 10 points
  3. Melovin – “Wonder” (Jury 2 points + Televote 6 points) = 8 points
  4. Rozhden – “Saturn” (Jury 3 points + Televote 2 points) = 5 points
  5. Illaria – “Thank you for my way” (Jury 4 points + Televote 1 points) = 5 points
  6. Salto Nazad – “O, Mamo!” (Jury 1 points + Televote 3 points) = 4 points

O.Torvald are the first group to be selected to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest and the first all male act to represent the country since their debut in 2003.

Source: UA:PBC

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Ukraine first participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2003, when Oleksandr Ponomariov performed “Hasta la vista”. The following year Ruslana won the contest for Ukraine with the song “Wild Dances”. It was a feat that would be replicated again in 2016 by Jamala with her song “1944”, her emotionally charged song scored a record 534 points to take victory in Stockholm. In 2015 Ukraine did not compete in the contest due to financial difficulties.

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