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The Netherlands: O’G3NE To Sing “Lights and Shadows”

It has been reported that the title of the song O’G3NE will sing for the Netherlands in Kyiv is “Lights and Shadows”.

According to, the title of the Dutch entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 is “Lights and Shadows”. The song according to the Newspaper is a “an uplifting power ballad”. The song has been written and composed by the Father of three singers in O’G3NE. The reveal of the Dutch entry for this years Eurovision Song Contest 2017 takes place tomorrow morning.

The song will be revealed to the public at 11:30 CET and is being streamed on Facebook Live and YouTube. The reveal will be hosted by Jan Smit and Cornald Maas, Jan and Cornald have commentated together at the contest since 2014, with both having previous experience of leading the commentary since 2004. Their first live performance will then take place on RTL Late Night on Friday from 22:30 CET.

The Netherlands internally selected girl group O’G3NE to represent them at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, Ukraine. Amy, Lisa and Shelley Vol have been performing with each other for over a decade, and have even taken part in a Eurovision event before – The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007, with their song “Adem In, Adem Uit”.

The group more recently rose to fame after they won The Voice of Holland in 2014. The group had been heavily rumoured to be representing the country up until their official announcement. It was only a few weeks ago that they won the 100% NL Award for the “Music Moment of the Year” after covering Emeli Sandé’s “Clown”.


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The Netherlands debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1956 and has gone on to compete in all bar four contests. To date the Netherlands has won the contest on four occasions the latest being in 1975. The Netherlands struggled in the contest from 2000 onwards, between 2004 and 2013 the country only qualified twice for the final. The countries best result since 1975 occurred in 2014 when The Common Linnets finished 2nd in Copenhagen with a total of 238 points, 52 points behind Austria.

2 thoughts on “The Netherlands: O’G3NE To Sing “Lights and Shadows””

  1. WARNING: A lot of people are hating the fact that most of the entries being slow songs, so let’s just hope the listening public shows some respect to “Lights and Shadows”.

  2. My name is Yvonne Liew-On, I am a Dutch songwriter and filmcomposer.

    Though I like this song and I think that the O’G3NE singers are high quality performers, I have started a Eurovision Protest Campaign 2017.

    Since Idols, X-Factor, The Voice and “…Got Talent”, everybody seems to have fallen asleep. Because in those shows, the audience gets to vote.
    But the people of the participating countries of the ESC only get to vote in the end. Which means: in many countries the participating broadcasting companies and recordlabels chose the performers, instead of the people.

    So here are the arguments for my protest :

    1. In the Netherlands as in some other countries, only famous singers are allowed to participate, we call them FD’s (Famous Dutch people – BN’ers = Bekende Nederlanders). Which means that unknown new talent is not allowed to participate anymore.

    2. The Eurovision Song Contest has become an extension for the ruling recordlabels, who send their own singers, because “it’s good for the experience, good for the marketing, and good for the money”.

    3. There is no transparent selection whatsoever. How do participating broadcasting companies decide which singers and songwriters are capable? In the Netherlands, even the song that “fairly” was elected in the end turns out to be the song that the father of the girls and a boyfriend of one of the girls wrote together.

    4. To send national famous singers does not explicitly mean that the chances of winning gets bigger. The swedish group ABBA is a perfect example for that statement. The Netherlands received high scores with Anouk and The Common Linnets, but the past few years we have been going downholl again.

    5. Songwriters like me, who have dreamt for 25 years that one of their songs may participate, are simply pushed away. And people who don’t really care about the Eurovision, but who think it is good for extra promotion, are allowed to perform.

    6. During every Eurovision Song Contest the reputation of the whole nation is at stake, but the people of that nation are not allowed to participate anymore. Or even to participate in the selection.
    In the Netherlands it was custom that every year in May everybody sat in front of the tv to watch the ESC. But people nowadays are bored, and they don’t really like the way things are going.

    I, for instance, have written a song (I am a songwriter and filmcomposer, not a singer), and I have been waiting for a chance to submit this song for the Eurovision. But normal people are exluded these days.

    If you agree with my Songfestival Protest Campaign, please tell everybody about it, so it goes global! I sent this message not only to the Dutch participating company, but also to the ESC itself. And today, more than two months later, they still haven’t replied …

    You can hear my song on facebook : and (partly) on my website :

    O’G3NE also participates in a contest from the Metropole Orchestra, a former Dutch Song Contest Orchestra, where you can win a recording with this orchestra. But I am participating as well!
    But please vote for me and my singer DECI with my song ‘Broken’. I feel that FD’s have enough advantages already. All you have to do is submit your name and mailaddress, and click on the link that you will receive from the Metropole Orchestra in your mailbox.

    The funny thing is, that everybody agrees with me, but most of the people are not aware that they have lost their rights to participate.

    I hope this message will wake up some more people!

    Greetings from the Netherlands,
    Yvonne Liew-On

    Blog :
    Facebook :
    YouTube : :
    Website :
    Instagram : musicdivine
    Twitter : @musicdivine_eu

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