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Latvia: Triana Park Won Supernova With Over 50% Of The Vote

LTV the Latvian national broadcaster has released the full voting results from the final of Supernova 2017, showing Triana Park topped all three voting methods.

The full results from the final of Supernova 2017 have been released, show winners Triana Park beat second place, The Ludvig by over 32% of the vote. This years Latvian selection had three methods of voting to decide their winner, these were SMS voting, online voting which was open to those outside of Latvia, and voting via Spotify streams which was also open to those outside of Latvia. There was a four-piece jury panel on the show, but none of the three had any say in the final result, and were there to give their opinions on the songs. On the jury were Marie N, Kaspars Roga, Guntars Račs and Intars Busulis.

The results of the Spotify streams voting were as follows:

  1. Triana Park – 36.07%
  2. The Ludvig – 28.95%
  3. My Radiant You – 19.15%
  4. Santa Danelevica – 15.83%

The results of the internet voting were as follows:

  1. Triana Park – 60.74%
  2. The Ludvig – 15.24%
  3. My Radiant You – 14.73%
  4. Santa Danelevica – 9.29%

The results of the SMS voting were as follows:

  1. Triana Park – 57.87%
  2. My Radiant You – 15.66%
  3. Santa Danelevica – 13.71%
  4. The Ludvig – 12.76%

The results of the combined vote were as follows:

  1. Triana Park – 51.56% of the vote
  2. The Ludvig – 18.98% of the votes
  3. My Radiant You – 16.51% of the vote
  4. Santa Danelevica – 12.94% of the vote

Triana Park will follow in the steps of Aminata and Justs who have managed to qualify for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest for the past two years in a row. The group will be performing their song “Line”, this May in Kyiv. Watch their winning performance below:

Source: LTV

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[tw-accordion-section title=”Latvia in the Eurovision Song Contest”]
Latvia debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2000, being the last of the Baltic nations to join the contest. On their debut Brainstorm finished 3rd overall with the song “My Star”. It was in 2002 that Latvia won the contest, with Marie N taking a surprise victory with the song “I Wanna”. Latvia onl participated in 2002 thanks to the withdrawal of Portugal from that year’s contest. Latvia struggled in to the contest after 2002 failing to qualify for the final for six years between 2009 and 2014. In the past two years Latvia has finished 6th in the final and 15th in the final.

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  1. Wow! This idea of Spotify where Latvia proposed this year is worked! Thanks Latgia! You are the best! Triana Park the best as all, my winners thks year! 😀

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