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Irish Eurovision Selection is “Cheap and Nasty” Says Johnny Logan

Johnny Logan, the three-time Eurovision winner, has spoken out about Ireland’s selection for the song contest this week, describing it as “cheap and nasty”.

Logan told the sun “I like Louis but he knows I would never have anything to do with our Eurovision entry the way it’s currently being done by RTÉ. Because at the moment, it’s cheap and nasty — that’s how it seems to me”. Ireland’s entry for the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest has been selected internally, much like last year when Nicky Byrne represented the country with ‘Sunlight’.

In the past, Ireland’s entry has been selected during a short, six-song national final hosted during a special episode of the Late Late Show. Johnny Logan, who won the contest as a singer in 1980 and 1987, said that he wasn’t surprised Louis Walsh was pulled in to help with this year’s entry.

Johnny Logan continued to say that “RTÉ should go down to the BIMM music college and find the best new songwriters to come up with songs”, “RTÉ should have a show running for several weeks like they do in Norway, Sweden and Denmark to find a song for Ireland.”

Louis Walsh
Louis Walsh

RTE shortlisted three songs earlier this month for Brendan Murray to perform for Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. A total of 330 songs were submitted to compete in the Irish selection process, with interest from a number of large names within the music industry.

Brendan Murray was selected by Louis Walsh to represent Ireland at next year’s contest, in consultation with RTE. Brendan is a former member of the boy band Hometown, the group was formed in 2014 and to date has had two number one singles within Ireland. While Louis Walsh is a well-known Irish music manager as well as a former judge of the X Factor in the United Kingdom. Over the years he has managed Westlife, Jedward, Union J and multiple Eurovision entries.

In a tweet earlier this month which has since been deleted (a couple of hours after being posted), the Irish entrant revealed that he headed to Stockholm this month. While in Stockholm he would be working with a “world famous producer” on new music. The tweet has led to speculation that Ireland had selected their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 and that Brendan is travelling to Sweden to work on the song.

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Ireland debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1965 and is currently the most successful country to have participated in the contest, winning a total of seven times. During the 1990s Ireland was a powerhouse in the contest becoming the first country to win three years in a row from 1991 to 1994. Since 2000 Ireland has struggled in the contest having qualified from the semi-final into the final just five out of a possible 12 times. Ireland’s best result of the 2000s came in 2011 when Jedward finished 8th in Dusseldorf.

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  1. Norway dropped the semis some time ago. Denmark has only had one show as long as I can remember. Sweden has four semis. Iceland, just two.

    So much for the Nordic countries.

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