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Denmark’s broadcaster DR have talked about their plans for their Eurovision 2017 act Anja Nissen and her song “Where I Am”.

After Anja Nissen’s victory in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix at the weekend, DR are already in talks about how they will succeed at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, Ukraine. DR’s entertainment manager Jan Lagermand Lundme stated that “we will drive forward with something that resembles the show Anja delivered in Herning”, and later Anja mentioned that:

We should not change the number too much. I think the reason why I got so many percent of the vote was that people liked it as it was. But we can improve what we can

DR also stated that they want the entry to stand out, with “more fireworks and something extra special”. Another option they had discussed what to have Anja joined on the stage by other singers or dancers, but Jan admitted that she is strong on her own.

In the next few months, Anja and DR will be preparing for the contest through meeting lots of media across Europe and promoting her song. This could possibly hint at participation in promo parties such as the London Eurovision Party and Eurovision In Concert.

Anja had this to say:

I think I was born to sing. I’ve been singing all my life, so I’ve been practising for many, many years. I feel alive when I sing.

Anja won Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2017 and will be representing Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine in May. A record of 1,115  songs were submitted to compete in this years Danish selection, with the country now hoping that they will return to the Eurovision final for the first time since 2014.

Source: DR

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Denmark debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1957 alongside Austria and the United Kingdom. To date Denmark has won the contest on three occasions, the first being in 1963 when Grethe & Jorgen Ingmann performed “Dansevise”. Denmark won the contest again in 2000 represented by the Olsen Brothers, their most recent victory came in 2013 when Emmelie de Forest performed “Only Teardrops”. Denmark has failed to qualify for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest for the past two years.

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  1. The focus needs to be on Anja, no dancers, just some back up Harmonies like Dami I’m.
    her voice can carry the song otherwise.
    Her voice is great.

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