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4 thoughts on “France: “Requiem” To Be Performed in French & English”

    1. Well Beccaboo a video clip had emerged on YouTube showing the song being sung to a small audience before the sept 1 deadline……..but it wasn’t commercially released. Its a similar case like Jamala.

    2. I think the song was technically released before the allowed cut off time (I think May 2017). However, it is unlikely it will be disqualified (especially given Jamala’s “1944” and one of Denmark’s NF entries technically broke the same rule but weren’t disqualified for it), as it was seen/heard by a limited audience, and is unlikely to give the song an unfair advantage.

  1. Why must you even partially change the lyrics into English ?? French is so so beautiful (along with other Romance languages) and I’m sure she won’t pronounce English too well 🙁

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