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France: “Requiem” To Be Performed in French & English

Alma, France’s Eurovision 2017 entrant has revealed that her song “Requiem” is to be performed in both French and English.

In an interview with Eurofestival News, Alma had revealed that her Eurovision 2017 song “Requiem” is to be performed in French and English. This is not the first time that France has sent a bilingual entry, as last year’s song “J’ai Cherché” by Amir was in both French and English. Currently the song is only released in French, and the team are now working on creating a bilingual version of the song to be used at Eurovision.

Alma has spoken to 2016 French representative Amir ahead of the contest, stating that:

” [he] advised me to use this opportunity to the maximum possible because they are very intense ten days in which you have the opportunity to get to know so many people and because the final evening will see people from all over the world.”

She also commented on this year’s Italian entry by Francesco Gabbani:

“I heard you! Bravo Francesco Gabbani! And the song is really overwhelming. “

28-year old Alma is a rising star in France, and has been named one of 2017’s most promising young artists by French media. She is set to release her debut album on 5th May, little over a week before she takes to the stage in Kyiv. Like most other songs on her upcoming album, “Requiem” has been written by Nazim Khaled who also co-wrote Amir’s “J’ai cherché”, which represented France in last year’s contest and finished in 6th place, their highest position since 2002.

Source: Eurofestival News

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France was one of six countries to participate in the first Eurovision Song Contest in 1956. The country has since participated in every contest except for 1974 and 1982. 1974’s withdrawal was caused by the death of President Georges Pompidou, while 1982’s withdrawal was a result of TF1 declining to enter the contest. France has won the contest on five occasions, the most recent being in 1977 when Marie Myriam performed “L’oiseau et l’enfant”. France’s best result of the 2000s came in 2001 when Natasha St-Pier finished 4th in Copenhagen.

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    1. Well Beccaboo a video clip had emerged on YouTube showing the song being sung to a small audience before the sept 1 deadline……..but it wasn’t commercially released. Its a similar case like Jamala.

    2. I think the song was technically released before the allowed cut off time (I think May 2017). However, it is unlikely it will be disqualified (especially given Jamala’s “1944” and one of Denmark’s NF entries technically broke the same rule but weren’t disqualified for it), as it was seen/heard by a limited audience, and is unlikely to give the song an unfair advantage.

  1. Why must you even partially change the lyrics into English ?? French is so so beautiful (along with other Romance languages) and I’m sure she won’t pronounce English too well 🙁

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