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Poland: Kasia Mos To Represent Poland At Eurovision 2017

Tonight Poland held their selection show to find their Eurovision 2017 entry, and Kasia Mos came out victorious with her song Flashlight.

Poland have chosen Kasia Mos to represent them at the Eurovision Song Contest with her song Flashlight. Kasia won the Polish national final Krajowe Eliminacje 2017 tonight, beating off 9 other performers battling for the victory. The winner was decided by 50% televote and 50% jury vote. The jury was an entirely new concept this year, as previously they had only used public televote. These were the 10 artists that took part in the show tonight:

  1. Martin Fitch – Fight For Us
  2. Lanberry – Only Human
  3. Isabell otrębus – Voiceless
  4. Paulla – I want there to be with you
  5. Olaf Bressa – You look good
  6. Kasia Moś – Flashlight
  7. Aneta Sablik – Ulalala
  8. Rafał brzozowski – Sky over Europe
  9. Carmel – Faces
  10. Agata Nizińska – Reason

Artur Orzech hosted tonight’s show. Artur is a well-known Polish journalist, radio and television presenter. Doda, Olivia Wieczorek and Michal Szpak performed in the interval. Doda is a popular Polish artist, winning the MTV Europe Music Awards and releasing two platinum albums in her career, amongst other achievements. Olivia Wieczorek represented Poland at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016, placing 11th with 60 points with her song “Nie Zapomnij”. Michal Szpak represented Poland at Eurovision 2016, placing 8th with 229 points with his song “Color of Your Life”.

The jury consisted of:

  • Alice Węgorzewska
  • Maria Sadowska
  • Robert Janowski
  • Wlodek Pawlik
  • Krzesimir Dębski

One change to the contest was the introduction of the rule that stated that only Polish citizens are permitted to enter a song into the competition. Secondly, it had also been decided that artists who have competed in the national selection of another country this year was not allowed to enter. These changes have been influenced by NAPOLI’s participation in last years selection, with “My Universe” being performed in Belarus’ selection earlier in 2016.

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Poland debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994 alongside a number of other Eastern European countries. Their debut year saw their best result to date, as Edyta Gorniak finished in 2nd place with her song “To nie ja!”. Following this, Poland failed to repeat this initial success, managing a top 10 placing on only one other occasion during their initial 1994-2011 run in the contest. In 2012, following a string of non-qualifications, Poland withdrew from the contest due to financial difficulties. Since their return in 2014, they have been considerably more successful in the contest, having qualified for the final for the past three years. Last year, Michal Szpak went on to finish 8th in the grand final, Poland’s third-best result ever and their third top 10 placing.

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