The first of two semi finals in Slovenia’s selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 takes place tonight.

Tonight the first semi final of EMA 2017, the Slovenian selection process for Kyiv takes place with eight singers competing for a place in the final. This years selection is the first time since 2008 that semi finals have been held as part of the Slovenian selection process. Four singers will qualify from the semi final tonight, with another four qualifying on Saturday night. Two of the four qualifiers tonight will be decided by a public vote, whilst the other two will be decided by a jury.


Competing tonight are:

  1. “Wild Ride” – KiNG FOO
  2. “Fse” – Nika Zorjan
  3. “Free World” – Tosca Beat
  4. “Freedom” – Lia Sirk
  5. “Ni panike” – Sell Out
  6. “Lalalatino” – Zala Đurić Ribič
  7. “Halo” – Alya
  8. “On My Way” – Omar Naber

The winner will be decided in the final of EMA 2017 which will be held on February 24. This year the winner will be chosen by a 50/50 public-jury split, with the jury made up of six regional juries.

The winner of EMA 2017 will represent Slovenia in the second half of the first semi-final of this year’s Eurovision on 9th May. They will aim to take Slovenia back to the Eurovision final after last year’s entrant ManuElla finished in 14th place in her semi-final with “Blue and Red”.

Slovenia were one of three countries to join the Eurovision Song Contest in 1993. The country qualified through a specially organised selection round called “Kvalifikacija za Millstreet” which was hosted in Slovenia, with seven countries competing for three spots in Eurovision 1993. The country has participated in 22 editions of the Eurovision Song Contest. Their best result came in 1995 when Darja Švajger finished 7th with a total of 84 points. She is closely followed by Nuša Derenda who finished 7th in the 2001 contest with 70 points.