The Georgian delegation has confirmed to that changes are being made to “Keep The Faith”, the country’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

The Head of Delegation for Georgia has confirmed to that the country’s entry for Kyiv will have some changes to do it before May. Mrs Mshvenieradze confirmed that work is currently underway on the song with changes planned to the songs instrumentation.

This is not the first time that Georgia has revamped their song ahead of the contest in May. In the past two years both “Warrior” and “Midnight Gold” underwent changes following their victory in the country’s Eurovision selection. On both occasions the Swedish producer Thomas G:son worked with the selected artist to rework their song, it is not known if Thomas G:son will again be working with the Georgian delegation.

Tako Gachechiladze won the Georgian national final for Kyiv in late January with “Keep The Faith”. She won the competition by topping the jury voting and finished second win the Georgian public, she finished 15 points clear of runner-up Nutsa Buzaladze. Tako has already begun promoting her participation in this years Eurovision Song Contest having performed in the first semi final of Ukraine’s national final at the start of February.

Georgia debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007, they were represented by Sopho Khalvashi and the song “Visionary Dream”. Sopho finished 8th in the final scoring 97 points, the song received 12 points from the televoters in Lithuania. Georgia has only ever missed one contest since their debut, this was in 2009 when Georgia had selected Stephane & 3G with “We Don’t Wanna Put In”, the song proved controversial for its lyrics aimed at the Russian President. The EBU asked for Georgia to rewrite the lyrics of the song or change the song completely. Georgia was forced to withdraw as it continued to state the lyrics were not of a political nature.