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Croatia: Jacques Houdek to Kyiv

HRT has announced this morning that Jacques Houdek will represent Croatia at the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv.

35-year old Jacques was born in Zagreb, and has been singing professionally since 2002. Since then he has won countless awards in Croatia for his music, and is currently serving as a mentor on the Voice. During the first season of the show he mentored Nina Kraljić, who went on to represent Croatia in last year’s contest in Stockholm. Jacques himself has tried to represent Croatia several times in the past, the most recent attempt being in 2011 when he finished in 2nd place to Daria Kinzer in Croatia’s national final.

In a statement for HRT, Jacques has spoken about his happiness at finally being able to represent his country at Eurovision:

I am extremely happy and thank the Croatian Radio and Television at the trust shown in us. Representing Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest for me is a great honor and I’m grateful for the opportunity to represent this country’s music at the ‘music Olympics’, which will be the 62nd edition for all of Europe and the world to follow. From today all our artistic capacity focuses on this valuable and comprehensive project… (it will be) the biggest challenge (of his career), but also a responsibility to the public and the people. We sincerely hope and support a positive atmosphere and I believe that this will contribute to the definitive success of Croatia!

Željko Mesar, HRT’s Head of Delegation at the contest, added that the broadcaster made a ‘direct call’ for Jacques, and claims that he is happy for him to represent Croatia due not only to his ‘exceptional vocal abilities’ but to his professional attitude and long-term cooperation with HRT. Mesar also spoke a little about the song, and whilst he gave little away as to its style, he claimed that it is an interesting and complex piece that he is sure will catch the public’s interest in May. No official release date for the song has been given, however Mesar urged fans to keep an eye on HRT’S Eurovision site, as more details about the song will be released in the next few days.

Source: HRT

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