It has emerged that France’s entry for Kyiv “Requiem”, may have breached the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

“Requiem” the song that is due to represent France at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 appears to have breached the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest having been performed over 18 months before the cut off date for the competition. According to the video which was posted on YouTube the song was performed as early as January 24, 2015.

The rules of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 state:

The composition (lyrics and music) must not have been commercially released before 1 September 2016. In case the composition has been made available to the public, for example, but not limited to, on online video platforms, social network or (semi-) publicly accessible databanks, the Participating Broadcaster must inform the ESC Executive Supervisor, who shall have authority to evaluate whether the composition is eligible for participation in the Event. In particular, the ESC Executive Supervisor shall assess whether such disclosure prior to the Release Date is likely to give to the composition an advantage in the Event vis-a-vis the other compositions. The ESC Executive Supervisor shall authorise or deny participation of a composition which may have been available to the public as advised above, subject to prior approval of the Reference Group.

While it can be argued that the song has not gained a competitive advantage from the release of the video which as of time of the writing of the article has 146 views. It is not clear as to whether the European Broadcasting Union has been made aware of the songs previous release and as such whether the ESC Executive Supervisor and Reference Group have signed off on the songs participation in Kyiv. The European Broadcasting Union has been contacted for comment on the video.

Watch the performance from January 2015 here:

It also appears that the team behind Alma’s submission into the French submissions process were aware that the song had been performed before the deadline. With a comment on the video stating:

Hello Julie, I wanted to contact you privately but I do not know how … Just to tell you that Alma has a good chance to represent France at the Eurovision with “Requiem”, in a version reworked compared to the one that you have posted except that the song must be unpublished after September 1, 2016 so if the organizers fall on your video, even if it is amateur, they can disqualify us … It almost happened with the winning song “1944” in 2016 because an acoustic version was put online on YT by an amateur before the ‘official’ date .. After, you do as you feel, but I am convinced that the remixed song of “Requiem” will represent France at The Eurovision, so here it is! If you do, I thank you sincerely. Thank you very much Julie and Happy New Year.

This is not the first time that a Eurovision entry or potential entry has been found to have been released before September 1st. Following the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 it emerged that the winning song “1944” performed by Jamala had been performed in May of 2015 at a concert for Crimean Tatars. While in Danish selection in 2016, it was revealed that “Never Alone” which was performed by Anja Nissen, had been performed by the songwriter, Eurovision winner Emmelie de Forest at a number of concerts in the previous year.