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51 thoughts on “14,000 Sign Petition Against Ukrainian Government’s Eurovision Cleanse”

    1. Finns inte ord till detta? Människan är värsta odjuret. Förstöra för oskyldiga djur för sin egen vinnings skull. Själv avstår jag från att titta på detta jippo.

  1. Please stop this yesterday! This is horrible!! I will encorage all My friends to bojcot Esc Kiev if you dont stop this killing.

  2. Stop this, can’t you see What you are doing to these harmless animals who fight for their lives everyday.
    They hurt, No one to Love them and No one to take Care of them. What IF you did this to your own animal? No? I tought so. They are Alive so don’t pretend aren’t.

  3. This is one of the poorest nations in the world and you are petitioning to stop them from finally recieving a bit of a windfall after years of civil unrest and corruption? Because of something that happens in practically every country.
    I would guess many people reading this make more in a month than an average ukrainian does in a year, and you still have the guts to sit an whine over the fact that they couldn’t afford to start the best possible project for their homeless dogs. To me, that is sickening.

    Why don’t you give them some of your astronomical paychecks so they might be able to take care of both their people and animals better in the future?

    1. We are giving money all the time to animal organisations and human welfare organisations. I do not have any astronomical paychecks to give. But the people in leading positions in your country have money I guess to give from. (corruption) To kill intelligent animals, especially in the way that is described here, is sickening and gives a good picture of the way people all over the world look at these fellow beings on this planet. /Greetings from Sweden

  4. PLEASE PLEASE !!!!!! STOP IT NOW !!!!!!

    Dogs are wonderful living sentient beings.
    Take care of them !!!!!!


  5. This is worse than too have some poor dogs running around! The dogs aren’t there of free will! It is the disgusting human race (a part of it) that has put them there. Help them get new homes instead!
    Stop this slaughter! A beautiful town is to see the harmony between living species. It is this killing that will make the town disgusting!
    Bojcot ESC 2017!

  6. How can You allow this USELESS KILLING on DEFENSELESS PET ANIMALS for a stupid contest…no body will remember your country for winning a contest but will remember the cruelty and Evil killing on our beloved pet animals…please put a stop on this and your country will be more respected for your efforts to help these poor little babies instead of killing them. They DESERVE our care,love and compassion. Spend your money on animal Welfare instead of a stupid contest that no body cares About…..BE THAT EXAMPLE and you will accomplish so much more for your country…..

  7. Stop the killing of mans best friend and help them instead!!! Think about how you want Europe to look at your country!! Do you think you will win more likings if you kill the dogs or if you use resources to help them? Be smart and let the world see you as a country that takes the lead in showing care and love for all your living citizens.

  8. why not using the money you give to the dog killers for neuter and care for the feral dogs and cats? so you prevent an increase and you could be an example für animal protection not for disgusting, sadistic murder on innocent beings.

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