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I Believe in U: Jamala’s Eurovision Eve Concert

She’s described it as an event that will be as loud and important as the main Eurovision Song Contest itself and one that all of Kyiv will notice. On May 12th, Jamala will take to the stage of the Kyiv Palace of Sports, just 1.8km from the Eurovision arena, to perform a feature length concert called ‘I Believe in U’. Commenting on the title, Jamala mentioned how the ‘U’ was particularly significant. During the concert, she intends on showcasing Ukrainian and Tatar music. Taking place on May 12th, Jamala will perform just one day before the Eurovision final on May 13th.

Speaking to Ukrinform about the contest, Jamala discussed her vision for it’s arrival and the city of Kyiv’s response.

“Participants from forty-three countries, their fans, their teams and general tourists too will all be in Kyiv – that’s a lot of people. I would like Kyiv to do everything possible in ensuring the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 remains safe, comfortable, and becomes a holiday for all visitors. Because for us, Stockholm was incredible, it was at such a high standard – and I would like us to answer the call and step up to the challenge.” – Jamala

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest will be held in the International Exhibition Centre of Kyiv, Ukraine, following Jamala’s Eurovision victory in Stockholm last year. The contest will be held on the 9th, 11th and 13th of May as forty-three countries travel to one of Europe’s most eastern capital cities for the biggest non-sporting event in the world. The 62nd Eurovision Song Contest will be the second time Ukraine have hosted the contest, the first being back in 2005 following Ruslana’s win. Both Ruslana and Jamala will act as ambassadors for the Eurovision Song Contest, the city of Kyiv, and the country of Ukraine this May.

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