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AVROTROS has confirmed that the Netherlands will be participating in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

The Netherlands will be competing in the 15th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest this November. AVROTROS has stated that applications to compete in this years competition will open soon, also confirming that the rules remain the same regarding the age of applicants being between 9 and 14 years old. The Netherlands is one of just two countries to have participated in every edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, the other being Belarus.

It is not yet known whether the Netherlands will be holding a televised selection process. In 2016 the broadcaster opted instead to select the song internally. A public submissions process was held for the singers in the competition, however again it was down to the broadcaster to select who would perform in Malta.

To date five countries have confirmed their participation in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017, these countries are:

  • Belarus
  • Cyprus
  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • Russia

The host country of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017 has yet to be decided. Georgia as of the end of November was in discussion as to whether they will host next years contest, other countries interested in hosting had until December 15th to submit their bids. Georgia won the 14th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Malta in 2016, they have thus been given first refusal as to whether they will be hosting next years contest. Previous announcements of the host city have come between December and January.


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The Netherlands debuted at the first edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2003. To date the country has only won the competition once. Their only victory came in 2009 when Ralf Mackenbach performed “Click Clack” scoring a total of 121 points, this was just 5 points more than runners up Armenia and Russia. The Netherlands narrowly lost the contest in 2011 when Rachel performed “Teenager”, she lost by 5 points. The Netherlands worst result came in 2015 when Shalisa finished in 15th place out of 17 competing countries.

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